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Our Aim & Objectives

The college was conceived as a public School & College of a very high standard which will admit boy and girls from all walks of life solely on merit thorough admission tests. It is expected that their academic training at this unique institution would make them physically and mentally sound enough to adjust and compete with others in the pursuit of higher studies. They would eventually turn out as complete human beings having full confidence in their ability in the challenging world.With this cardinal aim in view the institute is firmly committed to:

Provide a congenial atmosphere worthy of smooth communion of thoughts and ideas amongst teachers, students and guardians.

Follow the national curriculum of education prescribed by the text Book Board at all levels.

Follow network of co- curricular and extra- curricular programmers suitable for harmonious development of physical and mental faculties of the students.

Undertake all possible measures to help the students grow up as worthy citizens of the country so that they can serve in various fields and give dynamic leadership to the nation.

Provide each student with the opportunities to develop morally, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually to his/her full potential.

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